All Summer in a Day: The Influence of Setting Part 2

Part A

1) By now you should have completed your Venn diagram, comparing Venus and Earth on your notebook paper. If you still need to complete this, refer to last weeks blog post.

2) Once your Venn diagram has been approved by me, you may copy your Venn diagram onto the poster paper using markers.

Part B

1) In the end of All Summer in a Day, the children let Margot out of the closet. However, the reader doesn’t learn what happens next. What might Margot say or do when she emerges from the closet? Remember that Margot loves the sun and was greatly looking forward to seeing it again. Write a new ending to the story, telling what happens after the children unlock the door by following these guidelines:

  • Your new ending must be at least 3 paragraphs in length.
  • Pay special attention to the setting. How will the setting be influential (or important) to your new ending?
  • Add at least 3 new details about the setting (exp. think of a new way to describe what Venus or the school looked like) to your ending. Use your imagination!
  • Was the story written in 1st person point of view or third person point of view? Be sure to follow the POV of the original author.

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